About the Program

* Safely prevent young adults from becoming homeless: We will work with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Lafourche and Terrebonne School Board, Hope Restored for Life, Family in Need of Services (FINS), and Options for Independence.


* Provide a supervised home environment to assist young adults to become more self-spirit actualized: We will provide a safe home with all the basic amenities needed to guarantee the foundation on which the recipients will be able to strive towards excellence. At the end of a difficult day of school/work/trade, they can look forward to a place where they can unwind, feel relaxed, and enjoy the comfort of a loving home.


* Direct services: With the goal to prevent homelessness for young adults, Liberty Dwelling aims to provide the basic physiological needs to help to enhance their chance to succeed in their personal goals and objectives. We will provide mentors to assist them through the process of finding jobs, graduating high school or obtaining their GED, and continue their education at local technical colleges and universities.


* Support long-term investments in young adults: We will partner with skilled individuals/groups who are willing to teach and mentor young adults the life skills (cooking, baking, sewing, arts and craft, healthcare, gardening) that they need to help them to become well-rounded individuals—physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.


* Encourage a shared vision for success: We encourage the community and state leaders to collectively and individually join us in our vision to improve the lives of the less fortunate—as well as to secure safe streets in the community.

Important Statistics

“From 2009 to 2015, Casey Family Programs will have invested $2.8 million in Louisiana to support the work of the child welfare system, courts, tribes, policymakers and other organizations to build communities of hope that safely reduce the need for foster care and support strong, lifelong families for all children.  


Congress has a critical role to play in transforming how our nation responds to child abuse and neglect and builds hope for young lives. There is no time to lose.  


Each year, approximately 3.2 million children across the country are involved in investigation or alternative response for maltreatment. About 384,500 youth under 18 are currently living in foster care.  


Today, almost all of the federal government’s dedicated child welfare funding can be spent by states only on services related to foster care. Casey Family Programs believes that we should be able to make smarter investments in services and interventions that are shown to better protect children, improve outcomes and strengthen families” (Casey.org).